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A World of Projects

Elena Scarlata also deals with corporate projects, offering a distinctive and innovative touch in the corporate context. From brand care and product development for wineries such as Cantine Pellegrino to luxury restaurants such as Entiana Osmenzeza , up to the supply for the bookshops of important Italian museums such as the MACRO in Rome , Museo dell'Ara Pacis Roma , La Triennale di Milano and concept Italian and international stores, including the prestigious British Library and the London College of Art and live performances for Land Rover Italia and Nicolas Fuillatte champagne , and care of the brand identity for events such asPure Life Experiences , IBM, HP, Cisco Live, Firefox and many others.

IME tavern

Chef. Entiana Osmenzeza

The interpretation of my cuisine comes from the coexistence of atmospheres, cultures, peoples and flavours". (EO) We translated this concept into the brand, using sustainable materials and customizing graphics and colors to create the visual identity of the Osteria that loves Design.

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Pellegrino Cellars

Pantesco: Identity
and Sustainable Packaging

For the historic Cantine Pellegrino di Marsala, we took care of the brand identity and packaging of the entire "Pantesco" panettone line, starting from the concept up to the final development of the product, guaranteeing a distinctive and high quality result.

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Land Rover Italy

Defender: Past, Future, Sustainability

In March 2023, at the Nuova Sport Car Palermo dealership, the latest version of the Land Rover Defender was launched in an event focused on Materiality, Sustainability, Emotional. On the occasion of the event, I created a majolica that depicted the two models, ancient and modern, together with sustainable materials such as organic fabrics and fabrics obtained from eucalyptus leaves.

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Nicolas Fuillatte / Champagne

In Summer 2023, the Valdo company, Italian leader in sparkling wine and prosecco, presented Nicolas Fuillatte champagne at the Camparia location in Favignana. For the event, we created a special gadget: a live hand-drawn fan, adding a unique and artistic touch to the occasion.

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Leader company
in renewable energy

SAET, an Italian company active on an international scale, has proposed a significant role in the energy transition, with time as the central theme. The hourglass was chosen as the key symbol to represent the event.

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Der Sizilianische Koch

A gastronomic journey
in the heart of Stelberg

Antonio, a lawyer of Sicilian origins living in Germany, opened his shop in Stelberg specializing in Sicilian cuisine and products. We have carefully curated the brand's identity, creating a unique environment that reflects the authenticity and passion of Sicily.

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To the ground

Sustainable fabrics
and Exclusive Majolica

A. Terra is an American brand of Sicilian excellence that has chosen to personalize its fabrics with an exclusive majolica, offering the creation of unique and sustainable fabrics for the table with its own brand.

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Pink Moon

Harmony on the skin through fabrics

Pink Moon, based in New York, promotes ancient wisdoms derived from Eastern healing practices through modern daily rituals. We have customized a line of skin care products.

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By Giovanna Wine

The history of the company is expressed with personalized and handmade fabrics for the table.

Di Giovanna wines and extra virgin olive oil are a true expression of the rich Sicilian culture. We have created customized patterns and products that reflect the deep roots of this company, conveying its authenticity and passion through design.

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