Brand Identity Development

Chef. Entiana Osmenzeza


The project

With Entiana, an excellent synergy and a common vision of sustainability was born immediately. I created for her a set of white linen napkins, recycled with a panama border and a design inspired by the cement tiles on the table. Furthermore, we have developed hand-printed linen napkins with a terrazzo motif, perfectly matched to its decorations, aprons in recycled stain-resistant cotton, gift bags in regenerated cotton with writings that recall its origins and identity, also present in the furnishings and glassware of the venue, and organic cotton shopping bags.


Upcycled linen napkins: handmade details for a refined table

Upcycled linen napkins, with a terrazzo design inspired by traditional Mediterranean cement tiles, bring a detail of elegance to the table, harmonizing with the atmosphere of the venue. Hand-printed with water-based colours, they offer a unique sensorial experience, transforming the moment of bread into a refined pleasure.

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