Together with Nature

"At the Heart of the Project? Research and Innovation on Sustainability"


Sustainability in Textile Furnishings

For us, sustainability in furnishing fabrics goes beyond the simple certification of materials and the reduction of waste. This is a deep and responsible commitment to the planet, which includes eco-friendly production practices, the use of recycled and biodegradable materials, as well as the promotion of a long and lasting life cycle for textile products.


For us, luxury manifests itself with scrupulous attention to detail, design and limited production, a commitment that guarantees qualitative excellence, considered the heart of our work.

The print

The printing method used stands out for the innovative use of water-free methods and Oeko Tex certified pigments, ensuring a sustainable approach and the refined quality typical of fashion printing. The finishing process takes place exclusively with hot air. This waterless technique not only guarantees high quality products, but combines aesthetics and respect for the environment in a distinctive combination.


The production and design of our products takes place in-house in our studio, with a focus on durability, reuse and recycling. We use GOTS certified fabrics and FSC labels obtained from orange waste, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable approach that lasts over time, even beyond initial use and post-consumption.

Material Specifications

The Excellence of Raw Materials

We only use GOTS Certified Fabrics, FSC Forest Paper and Sustainable Production Practices.


FSC made with 25% orange waste


GOTS certified and Ruco Dry-Eco treatment for water repellent fabrics


Made in Sicily

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