Ciuri Ciuri Linen Napkins

The pair of "Ciuri Ciuri" linen napkins are handmade with fringed edges and designed in our studio to bring the magical atmosphere of Sicilian spring to your table.

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Discover our linen napkins, a mix of elegance and Mediterranean charm for your table. Printed with Waterless colors and designs inspired by vibrant Sicily, each napkin is a handcrafted masterpiece carefully crafted in our Sicilian studio. The hand-fringed hem adds a touch of class and nostalgia, transforming every mise en place into a unique experience. Perfect for any occasion, our linen napkins are the detail that makes every moment at the table unforgettable.


100% hand-fringed linen


47x46 cm approximately - supplied in pairs


by hand and in the washing machine


as a napkin, kitchen towel or splendid breakfast placemat or table centerpiece